Creating Fine Affordable Art for 20 Years

The Creative Process
A Day in the Studio

The Creative Process Is this the original? What is it made of? How long did it take for the artist to create? Do we fire each piece? How are they painted?

These are some of the commonly asked questions I encounter as an artist. To begin with, any artwork is born in the artist’ imagination, and take form with an idea or concept. Some artists will sit down and sketch their ideas on paper to further formulate their concepts. Others, like me, will begin by “sketching” their ideas three dimensionally in clay.

For myself, this is the most inspirational and important time for me. This is when the composition is established and the mood, movement, and emotion are created giving the sculpture “life”, This time in the design of each sculpture is what is most important, not all the detail that will come later. This is the time when the artist is “interpreting” what he knows and feels about his subject and “communicating” that feeling to the eventual viewer.

The entire creative process may take several weeks to many months depending on the size of the work, its complexity, and the artists’ familiarity with the subject. Many artists will work on several projects simultaneously. The creative process is a very emotional and demanding time for any artist, it is during this time that an artist creates true authenticity, not imitation. Mill Creek Studios is an American company and prides itself with creating and developing original sculptures by American Artists.

The Mold Making Process When the artwork is completed, our team of gifted and knowledgeable mold makers takes over to create a flexible rubber mold of the original clay which will capture every fingerprint detail of the sculpture. During this process, the clay original is damaged or lost forever. The initial and all important “master” mold of the original is then used to create subsequent production molds for the edition castings.

The Casting Process Now, at last! What is it made of? Very simply, each piece is composed of a blend of fine resins and pure white alabaster, or alabaster and porcelain powders. When “catalyzed” and poured into a mold, this resin composition will go through a chemical reaction creating intense heat and causing the mixture to harden and expand into every crevasse and detail of the mold. When cooled and removed from the mold, the result is an exact duplicate of the original artwork.

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