Creating Fine Affordable Art for 20 Years

Celebrating Twenty Years of Art

Mill Creek Studios opened its doors in the spring of 1989. When we started we had little more than a hope and a dream, and at the time that seemed like all we needed. Starting in an old drafty barn and with faith, hard work, and imagination, Mill Creek has become something we are very proud of. As my wife Debbe and I look back over these last twenty years what we mostly see are the faces of all the people who have helped and contributed along the way. Without them we wouldn't be celebrating this accomplishment. Friends, who loaned us money to get started and worked side by side with us, faithful employees who stuck with us through good times and bad, our three boys working after school and during their summer breaks and still working with us to this day we thank you all. We owe a great deal as well to the sales organizations who have represented us for all these twenty years and to those of you who have been our mentors, supporters, confidants, and very special friends, thank you so very much. Your support has made all the difference. Through the years we have come to know many wonderful people in the gift business who have become good friends, and sincere and appreciative fans of what we do. Thank you all for your patience and support. You are the corner stones of our business. To the artists, past and present who pour a little bit of themselves into each creative endeavor, who sometimes briefly and profoundly touch other's lives, we thank you. Finally, to all the folks who have spend their hard-earned money on the art and designs we have created we still stand humbled and amazed. Thank you for allowing us to do something we love so much for so long.

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