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Mother's Day

As we planted in the garden this past weekend Wendell Berry, as is often the case, was present in my thoughts: "Participate in food production to the extent that you can. If you have a yard or even just a porch box or a pot in a sunny window, grow something to eat in it. Only by growing some food for yourself can you become acquainted with the beautiful energy cycle that revolves from soil to seed to flower to fruit to food to offal to decay, and around again. You will be fully responsible for any food that you grow for yourself, and you will know all about it. You will appreciate it fully, having known it all its life." I am often struck by the parallels between family, community, gardening, and health. The health of our families depend so much on our Mothers, acquainted as they are with our cycles of life,and having known us all our life, no one appreciates what we are more fully. A belated but sincere "Happy Mother's Day". Blessings Stephen

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