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A walk in our local " wildness"
Fall 2014

"... in Wildness is the preservation of the World." Henry David Thoreau wrote these words in 1862. Thoreau found peace in walking and in what he referred to as wildness. Thoreau's wildness was the tangible "marrow of nature" that you can eat, drink, climb, breathe and sing. It was also a state of mind - a place free from the shackles of society and conformity. In wildness, he believed, "we can find not only serenity, but sanity". We found that "wildness" this weekend as we walked around a small lake in the San Bernardino Mountains. The air was crisp, the clouds were billowy white overhead, the leaves were already changing and we were eager with anticipation of the show they would soon be displaying. It was nice to get out into the "wildness" for a few hours and in doing so we regained our perspective on nature. The fall always brings certain wildlife to my attention and to the forefront of my thoughts. We do not have elk in the San Bernardino Mountains but I have been in Yellowstone when a glittering September frost has covered the Gibbon River, signaling the onset of the rutting season. I have seen mule deer in the High Sierra's start their pilgrimage to the lower valley's or heard the rustling of leaves and the sharp snapping of twigs that herald the approach of a moose or "twig eater". I remember early one September evening in the Grand Tetons turning around to see a slow meandering bear behind us foraging for food. All wildlife reminds me of the changing season and I am forever "changed" having been blessed with the thrill of seeing wildlife in the "wild places".

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