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Call Of Duty

When the bell rings a firefighter doesn't think about the job they are about to do. They grab their gear and go. A giant red truck, the wind soaring by, ears filled with the pealing of sirens. No one ever told them this would be easy. No one signed up to be a hero. These men and women choose their occupation because they want to help people. And as the years go by, those they have saved and those they have lost become etched in the lines of their faces. Every now and then they can't help but recall them and the ache in their heart can be read in the darkness of their eyes. At the end of the day, when the firefighter pulls off their wrinkled, flaking uniform, they are the same men and women they have always been. Although some days, like today, they may find it hard to breathe when the memories of faces and voices scatter around them like ash and they recall those who gave without asking, whose highest honor in life was to be a firefighter because they could make a difference in the lives of others. It was a call they heard all their lives, and ultimately a call that maybe took their lives. But it was the very beat of their hearts and to have that call, that duty taken away from them would have been like asking them to stop breathing. It's a vision, a passion, this Call of Duty, and it is the honor of their lives.

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