Imago by Mill Creek Studios - Methods of Form and Color

Lawrence Oliver

Imago Artist

Lawrence Oliver

Lawrence Oliver’s style of sculpture has been influenced by M.C. Escher’s ‘impossible’ drawings and his fascination with symbols. “I love to design something that is not only interesting but presents a puzzle or illusion to the viewer. It is a challenge to take a design that is common in two dimensions and exploding it into a three dimensional piece.”
While pleased when someone views his pieces as he does, he also finds it interesting when another person sees something completely different in the design. I count myself very fortunate to be doing something I really enjoy. I love wood and am always pleased by the inner beauty I uncover. I hope my style of creating a unique shape adds to this beauty and helps make each piece a joy.

Most of my original sculptures are done out of walnut, cherry, dogwood, and maple from the area where my wife Ginny and I live.

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