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Arich Harrison

Arich Harrison

In the pastel strokes across an evening sky or in the elegant power of a horse I can see the inherent beauty of nature, and it speaks to me of creation and design. A lump of clay, if left to the indiscriminate hand of time, will never take on the form of something beautiful unless it is molded by the hands of a designer. In the Bible, Genesis 2:7 tells of God creating all creatures from the elements of the earth - clay and soil. Curiously, these are the same materials artists use to create physical reflections of Earthís creatures. As Jesus lives, Iíve been blessed with the ability to fashion these reflections and Iíve been given the responsibility to testify to this end. It is my hope that through my work people might be moved toward a greater understanding of this deepest truth.Patek Philippe Replica

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Equus Onyx