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Randall Reading

Randall Reading

led corn bulbs
led corn light bulbs
led corn light
led corn lamp
led corn bulb
led corn light bulb Randall Reading is an artist who
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has somehow captured in replica watches stone, the subtle complexities of the wild animal, giving their primeval essence tangible form. Each of his pieces exudes a sense of motion and depth that is both mysteriously dangerous, yet fascinating in its appeal. If “art” captures the soul of the artist, then truly Randall has fearlessly poured himself into these figures as few people rarely do.

Running through each animal depicted by Randall is a fascinating common thread. Each one has miraculously weathered the onslaught of man upon their freedom, their habitat, and their very existence. Relying on courage, cunning and an insatiable instinct for freedom, these magnificent creatures have all gloriously survived.

Sculptures from this artist:




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